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3 Branch Security Threats to Consider

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take a moment to pause and look back at the year that’s passed, taking note of successes and identifying areas of improvement. The start of a new year is also the perfect time to look ahead, and at STS Group we are looking to 2020 with an eye toward branch security threats and effective solutions for eliminating those dangers.

Here, we ask you to consider three branch security threats you might encounter this year – and how STS Group can be your strongest security partner.

Threat #1: External Threats – Active Shooters

The physical security of each of your branches is most likely a top priority. And as we all know too well, active shooters in banks pose a significant threat. As active shooter scenarios increase across many industries, the safekeeping of your customers, employees and property are of utmost importance.

STS Group specializes in understanding the unique and evolving challenges of the financial industry’s landscape. We offer multiple solutions to meet those threats, including the use of AmberBox, a gunshot detection system, and other electronic security solutions tailored to your specific environment.

Threat #2: Insider Threats – Dangerous Employees

On the whole, your branch employees are good people, loyal to your company, proficient and competent. However, it would be dangerous to overlook the significant potential damage done by an occasional disgruntled insider. Your workers have insight into critical information, knowledge of assets, and access to numerous customer accounts. Some bank tellers become key players in identity theft rings, passing along crucial information to outsiders. This instant access to critical personal information and the cash that goes along with it can enable a malicious employee to pilfer amounts small and large from multiple victims – ultimately leaving you responsible.

But it’s not just vengeful insiders you need to watch for. Inadvertent misuse of data or the careless sharing of passwords are responsible for a large percentage of security breaches. Sometimes employee IDs pass from one set of hands to another for a seemingly innocuous task. Other times, workers may simply be exploited and have their credentials or passwords phished. Human error, even as it relates to your most loyal employees, must be considered.

At STS Group, we take your loss prevention personally. We recognize these threats and are committed to offering the physical and electronic security you need to protect yourself against insider threats. In addition, our branch automation services eliminate many of these problems by significantly diminishing the amount of contact between employees and bank assets. For example, installation of teller cash recyclers can electronically verify each transaction, diminish cash vulnerability, and generate automatic audits. 

Threat #3: Hybrid Physical and Cyberattacks – The Internet of Things

It’s the beauty of the 21st century – everything’s connected. Networked security cameras, alarm systems, smart doors, the Cloud – it’s all interwoven. Whatever is connected becomes vulnerable when one aspect of the system is breached. However, it’s not just cybersecurity that needs to be considered, but a newer variety of hybrid attack that pairs a physical break-in with an online hack.

These hybrid attacks can occur in multiple ways. An attacker may pretend to be an employee and take advantage of general courtesy, entering the building while a real employee or customer holds the door. From there, the perpetrator can gain access to a server room or to digital controls of all kinds, stealing information, passwords and money. Conversely, an attacker may aim to shut down internet-connected security cameras, allowing a physical break-in to go undetected.

Today’s technology is constantly evolving and connectivity is ever-increasing. It’s vital that a bank’s security system be able to address challenges as they adapt and change. At STS Group, our 3-pronged offering of physical security, electronic security and branch automation, in combination with our one-of-a-kind Security Connect research and development lab, means we’re uniquely poised to deal with hybrid attacks.

Real Problems Require Real Solutions

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