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Real Solutions for Today’s Real Problems: Protecting Against an Active Shooter

For many of us, encountering gunfire in our day-to-day life is high on our list of worst fears. Yet as devastating as it is, the reality remains that we are continuing to see an increase in the number of active shooter scenarios across multiple industries.

Banks are no exception. In this year alone, active shooters have caused multiple deaths at bank branches in Florida, in California, in Mississippi. Statistics show that in 2018, shots were fired at a bank in the United States more than once a month. While each company can hope that their branches are spared, every financial institution, no matter where it is located, must now take measures to guard against active shooters.

At STS Group, we are strongly committed to your bank’s security. We specialize in understanding the unique, evolving challenges of the financial industry’s landscape and we offer multiple solutions to meet those threats.

One of these solutions is AmberBox.

AmberBox is a gunshot detection system that offers market-leading technology. When seconds count, AmberBox provides first responders with the lifesaving information they need. Through automating the emergency process and reliably delivering split-second data while removing human error, AmberBox protects lives.

We hope you will join us for this very important AmberBox Webinar to learn more about this life-saving new technology that we now offer.

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Because we’ve been in the bank security industry for years as it’s adapted and changed, we are in a unique position to help you address its current challenges. If you are concerned about active shooter situations in your branches, get in touch with us today.