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STS Group Makes Leadership Team Advances and Moves

Huntsville, AL (July 24th, 2020) – STS Group CEO / Founder, Scott Couch, announced several important leadership changes to employees during the STS Group quarterly State of the Company last Friday, July 17th. Couch announced key leadership moves, promotions, and role changes during the Zoom call. The changes are designed to move the company into a better position to handle recent substantial growth as well as the formation of a new ATM Replenishment sister company – SCS.

STS’ primary function is creating a team culture that changes the world. That’s our ‘Why’ and by doing this we create a team willing to do anything to make the customer happy and change industries for the better. As we aim to our goal of a ‘Happy customer every single time’ we need these new structures to allow growth, without taking anything from our legacy customers and push into new markets. I am honored to be surrounded by people who strive for a better experience as we transition to the next level.

-Scott Couch

The following VP level employees were assigned new roles and/or titles to better reflect the new organizational structure:

Boone Adams:  Promoted to VP of Culture


Jaime Brechtel: Promoted to VP of Accounting


Matt Bowlin: Promoted to VP of Branch Automation

Executive-level employees were given the following new titles and roles:

Eric Vann: Promoted to  Executive Vice President of Operations


Chris Nelson: Promoted to  President


Scott Couch: CEO & Founder

Reach out to Chris nelson, chris@stsgrp.com for additional information regarding these staff promotions.