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STS Case Study: River Bank & Trust – Efficiency and Service

“They are the branch technology experts and they have earned our trust.” – Rafael Rodriguez, Vice President/ River Bank & Trust

STS Group has been the go-to security and branch technology expert for many years now for River Bank & Trust, a bank with branches across the state of Alabama. We have developed strong relationships with RB&T across the entire organization to ensure we are providing top-shelf service and solutions to the bank. RB&T Vice President Rafael Rodriguez believes working with STS Group is a true partnership. He has confidence that STS will be a trusted partner who will always make the right recommendations.

Over the years, River Bank & Trust has partnered with STS Group to tackle challenges they encounter in the ever-evolving world of bank security and branch automation. As one of Alabama’s premier banks, RB&T wants to ensure their security measures and technology are always state-of-the-art. And with today’s staffing challenges, they are always looking for ways to create a more efficient branch. STS engaged our security experts and our solutions department to help them select and install the optimal security and technology solutions to combat these challenges.

Branch Efficiency
Like many banks across the country, River Bank & Trust has faced staffing challenges. As their trusted branch efficiency expert, STS Group was contacted to help determine what solutions would help them do more with less. Our team of consultants knew exactly what solutions RB&T could use to address this challenge.

STS Group’s recommendations to solve the staffing challenge were Teller Cash Recyclers, or TCRs, remote management of their video surveillance system, remote management of their alarm systems, and self-service safe deposit box systems.

Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs)
This solution has helped River Bank and Trust increase efficiencies during challenging, or busy, times. TCRs eliminate the need for 2 branch members to stop what they are doing to go replenish a teller’s cash drawer. With TCRs, a teller can simply conduct a secured transaction at the TCR to buy cash and replenish their drawer. Now, if they find themselves short-staffed, they can still function with only two tellers and a TCR without sacrificing customer service. They are able to serve their customers quickly, even when staff are away.

Video Surveillance
River Bank & Trust also identified some opportunities to update their video security system. They were previously using analog cameras, which produce lesser-quality video footage than the higher-quality IP cameras. Video surveillance is an integral part of their branch security, so they turned to STS Group to update their cameras and recorders. STS recommended and installed high-quality IP camera systems, with higher video resolution and remote management. The remote management of their cameras allows them to access and review camera data from any approved device, including mobile devices. The remote management system also allows the bank to get notifications when a camera is experiencing an issue or its designated view changes (blocked by an object or moved).

Self-Service Safe Deposit Boxes
One of the new solutions STS recommended for the branch transformation was Self-Service Safe Deposit Boxes. Customers can now use biometrics to securely access their box independently. The system will only allow one person at a time in the box area, and knows which box(es) the customer is permitted to open. This solution has helped save valuable employee time since customers no longer need to be accompanied to the vault.

Alarm Systems
RB&T also needed to be able to remotely access and operate their alarm systems. STS installed alarm systems that allow bank staff to remotely access their alarm panels and access control systems. This allows security personnel to remotely manage their alarm panels, including adding and removing users when there is a change in staffing.

These enhancements have given River Bank & Trust confidence that they have the best security measures in place and are operating efficiently.

STS Customer Service
According to Rafael at River Bank & Trust, the most valuable thing that STS offers them is the ability to solve any issues that arise. “STS has worked hard to build a strong relationship with River Bank & Trust, so now the entire staff trusts them implicitly. STS is extremely customer-focused and willing to do whatever it takes to serve their clients”.

Regarding STS customer service, Rafael says, “It often feels like we are their only customer, even though we know they have many more. That’s how responsive they are when we need something. As the security experts, STS takes complete ownership of any issues so that River Bank & Trust can focus on serving their customers.”

The security and branch technology upgrades that STS has implemented over the years have helped River Bank & Trust continue to be a leader among community banks. The River Bank & Trust staff know that STS will continue to bring solutions to all of their future security and branch technology needs.

According to Rafael, “What makes them better than anyone else is that they take all the issues off of us. They take care of everything.”


How can we engage our security experts and our solutions department to help you combat today’s branch challenges? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.