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Security Alert: North Alabama ATM Hits

Multiple ATM Smash and Grabs Occur in North Alabama; Financial Institutions Urged to Remain Vigilant

Over the last two days, a string of ATM smash-and-grab incidents has struck various locations across North Alabama. STS Group is urging ALL financial institutions to be on high alert, particularly from midnight to 5 am.

These brazen attacks involve the forcible entry into ATMs during early-morning hours, with the bad guys smashing the ATM safe door, stealing cash, and fleeing the scene.

We recommend contacting your local law enforcement agencies to ensure they are aware of the recent attacks and to request additional patrols between midnight and 5 am, the primary time when these incidents occur.

Additionally, we encourage you to review your security and surveillance systems to ensure all equipment is functioning properly. We also recommend ensuring the lighting around your ATMs and surrounding areas is sufficient and functioning correctly. Inspecting your security cameras for any recent early-morning activity is also highly recommended, as the bad guys typically case their future targets during that timeframe.

Finally, if your branch unfortunately becomes the victim of an ATM smash-and-grab, or any other criminal activity, please remember STS Group support is available. Our dedicated team is on call 24 hours a day to provide assistance and guidance. Contact 855-683-9259 to place a service request.