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Remote Diagnostics

Today’s financial industry is continually evolving – is your bank security provider developing with it?

At STS Group, we can answer that question with a resounding YES! Throughout Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and beyond, we offer our clients the most up-to-date solutions in branch automation, electronic security and physical security. As the banking industry moves toward further advanced technology, we are keeping in step by adding powerful technologies to our security arsenal.

One of these tools is remote diagnostics – the ability to service and repair ATMs as well as offer bank branch services from afar – and it’s a game-changer. Here’s why:

  1. Remote diagnostics strengthens your fight against the latest security threats.

In just the last two years, the branch automation industry has encountered new threats such as jackpotting, skimming and dark web card fraud. These extortions have resulted in significant financial losses for institutions and their customers. Imagine what we will encounter two more years from now! An essential part of combating these ever-evolving frauds is maintaining OS security updates. That’s where we come in. Our Security Connect Remote Diagnostics program allows STS Group engineers to monitor and push OS security updates remotely. With each new threat that you encounter, we are able to quickly and easily update each machine to fight it. This improves overall network security and keeps your automated machines healthier and safer. 

  1. Remote diagnostics saves you money.

From a cost and customer service standpoint, our remote diagnostics program changes everything. We take our response times seriously at STS Group, and we make it our priority to get there and to take care of any problem our clients encounter. When an ATM goes down, our team can now service that machine immediately, cutting out travel time and the costs this used to incur. Through the use of this tool, a technician can log in, see the machine and what it’s doing, diagnose the problem, and clear it. The result? A fix that took minutes rather than hours, and ATMs that are up and running for the customers – saving YOU money. 

  1. Remote diagnostics takes customer service to a new level.

Our remote diagnostics program sets STS Group apart from the competition. The acquisition of this technology allows us to better put our philosophy of exceptional customer service into action. We know that accessibility is a huge issue for our customers. We are now able to provide 24 hour accessibility to someone in our company, resulting in 24 hour service. If a client has a dilemma, we can find a solution every time. With some of the greatest minds in the industry working for us, there’s not a problem that STS Group cannot fix. 

Trust has to run deep in the financial world. We consider it an honor to have over 200 financial institutions who trust us to be their strongest security partner. Join the ranks of these satisfied customers by getting in touch and scheduling a no obligation security consultation today.