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Preventing Security Threats To Your Financial Institution

STS Group has provided security solutions to our customers for over a decade now. Our customers throughout the South have the most up-to-date physical and electric security solutions to protect them during security threats.

Our security solutions not only provide protection against security threats but help prevent and deter them before they even happen. We do this using a combination of tried and true preventative measures and the latest security technology.

Here are some proven-effective ways your financial institution can prevent and deter security threats.

Utilize Visible Security Cameras.

Using strategically placed, easy to see video cameras in your financial institution can help deter a criminal before the crime is committed. Even before your customers enter the building, they will know they are being watched constantly. 

Outsourcing Cash Transport.

Perception is everything. Using a Cash Transit company like SCS will provide the armed protection and armored vehicles necessary to keep criminals at bay during the cash handling process. Criminals are much more likely to attack when they sense vulnerability. The bottom line is outsourcing cash transport helps the financial institution mitigate risk in the cash-handling process.

Have Glass Mounted Cameras at an Eyeball Level.

Glass mounted cameras can be mounted on germ shields. They are used to capture clear footage of a person’s face at the teller booth and a wide-angle of the facility. In the days of masks, criminals know they’re getting an up-close and personal video shoot that captures every detail of their eyes, hair and face, not hidden by a mask.

Install Public View Monitors.

Have you been to the self-checkout line at Target lately? If so, you’ve probably had to look at yourself on video on a monitor the entire time you’re checking out. These public view monitors are the latest, most effective form of crime prevention. It’s a clear and direct way that financial institutions let the public know they are being watched, closely and carefully. Contact STS for a no-obligation security consultation to see if all security options are being used.

Keep your building and your ATMs / ITMs well-lit and secured.

Having well-lit and well-placed ATMs and ITMs will make your customers feel safe, and criminals feel vulnerable. Additionally, these well-lit ATM’s and ITM’s should have security cameras placed strategically nearby in full view. This makes your customers feel safer and is a great deterrent for ATM robberies. STS Group is here for you to plan and consult with about ATM placement and lighting considerations.

Add Greeters or Security Guards.

A great way to reduce risk and improve safety is to have greeters and/or security guards at the entrance of your financial institutions. Evidence shows having greeters or guards in place is an effective way to ward off potential criminals. When a criminal walks into your building they have to make eye contact with someone. The need for a potential criminal to feel in control is downplayed greatly when their anonymity is threatened by a greeter or guard stating “Hello, how are you today?”

STS Group wants to help you safely and effectively secure your branch. Contact us today to assess the risk at your institution and help you prevent security threats.