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Powerful Partnership: STS Group and SCS Deliver Swift ATM Issue Resolution for Bank Independent

For more than a decade, Bank Independent has relied on STS Group to service their ATMs and ITMs across dozens of locations in Alabama. STS has established a reputation for integrity and exceptional customer service during their long-standing partnership with Bank Independent.

When STS introduced Cash Handling services through their sister company, Southern Cash Solutions (SCS), the Bank Independent leadership team had complete confidence in extending their partnership to SCS for cash handling services for their ATMs and ITMs. Incorporating STS maintenance and SCS cash handling gives Bank Independent a comprehensive servicing plan they can trust.

The true value of working with both STS and SCS became evident recently when Bank Independent faced an unexpected ATM software crash. The crash happened late on a Friday afternoon – an inconvenient time when many cash replenishment service companies may not be available. Issues that happen late on a Friday can leave the machine out of service over the weekend – a higher volume time – leading to customer complaints and dissatisfaction.

Thanks to the coordination and connected communication between STS and SCS, the issue was quickly resolved. STS sent technicians to fix the software as soon as they were alerted, and the cash was removed and replenished that evening by SCS. The machine was returned to full-function service without any extended delay.

Here are five ways Bank Independent and other SCS and STS customers get added value from working with connected Cash Handling and ATM Service companies:

Minimized Downtime

One of the main benefits of working with STS and SCS is a streamlined and efficient process for ATM servicing and replenishment that minimizes downtime. Here’s how that scenario could have played out if Bank Independent were working with a separate replenishment company: The bank staff would need to coordinate with STS to arrange the ATM software servicing first, then they would need to schedule the armored car service to remove and replenish the cash. It’s likely that the machine wouldn’t be serviced and replenished on the same day and would be down for a day or two.

By working with STS and SCS, Bank Independent can continue to provide reliable and convenient ATM services to their customers with minimal disruption.

Mitigated Risks

Timing is everything when it comes to servicing and replenishing ATMs. When these processes aren’t coordinated, there are several risks that can arise:

● If an ATM is not fully serviced with the latest security software before cash is loaded into it, there’s an increased risk of theft or fraud.
● If a new ATM is not replenished with cash promptly, customers won’t be able to use it, resulting in lost revenue and poor customer experience.

By working with both STS and SCS, Bank Independent avoids these risks and ensures that their ATMs are always properly serviced and replenished in a timely manner. Their customers can also have peace of mind knowing that transactions are secure.

Ensured Accuracy

Maintaining accuracy is crucial for the smooth operation of any ATM. If a software issue arises on a machine, it can cause problems when it comes time for cash replenishment. The replenishment service must recalculate the totals to ensure that the machine is not out of balance, even after the software issue has been resolved.

STS technicians can coordinate with SCS armored car drivers to ensure that the ATM servicing and cash replenishment are synchronized, allowing for a seamless and accurate process. This coordinated effort ensures that Bank Independent’s ATMs are always fully operational, and their customers can access their funds without any issues.

Trust and Timeliness

The recent Friday late-afternoon software crash demonstrates the immense value of Bank Independent’s partnership with STS and SCS. The teamwork between STS and SCS has proven to be both trustworthy and timely, enabling Bank Independent to avoid any unnecessary delays or complications in their ATM services.

Seamless Process

There is another important and often invisible value that customers who partner with SCS and STS experience. When a maintenance issue occurs during (or as a result of) cash replenishment that necessitates the expertise of an STS ATM technician, the communication between SCS and STS ensures a seamless, invisible process, often unnoticed by our customers. Your branch and your staff are not inconvenienced in any way, whether it be in requesting the service call or receiving the invoice.

 “We have had a long-term partnership with STS Group. We selected SCS, an armored car service, based on our trust that the same high-level service and excellence we receive from STS Group would be provided by SCS, and we could trust them to do what was right. Our partnership with local companies, like STS and SCS, demonstrates our commitment to make a positive difference in the communities we serve.”

-Kelly Burdette, SVP Digital and Products at Bank Independent

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