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Case Study: Members First Credit Union Branch Build

From Members First Credit Union:

Strength in a company is hard to see when everything is going right, but the true test is when it didn’t.

We recently completed a brand new branch build located in Pooler, GA. The focus behind our branch design was to create an efficient work environment that enhanced the overall customer experience. We contracted with a design-build company to handle the project and STS was selected as our provider for the banking equipment. This included security, surveillance, access control, and a pneumatic tubing system that in addition to the drive thru units, incorporated customer kiosks on the interior of the branch.

STS’s portion of the project was completed on time and professionally, but we just weren’t satisfied, aesthetically, with the interior drive thru equipment specified for the job. We utilize this same setup in our other branches, and it just wasn’t uniform with what I see daily.

Once I expressed my issue, STS sprang into action. The President of the company drove from Alabama to meet me here in Georgia to ensure my expectations were met. The STS team updated the equipment and had exactly what we wanted to be installed completely before the branch opened at no additional charge. I’m not exactly sure what went on behind the scene to pull it off, but I’m sure it was impressive.

I now know that STS offers design consultation upfront. This process can drive the design to what we want and guide other vendors during the bid process. In the future, we will definitely participate in the no-cost consultation process to ensure that we are getting the best solution at the best price!

We will do whatever it takes to provide excellent service at every branch… every time!