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Post Covid Banking

Recently when Covid-19 became a reality it was natural, almost oddly comfortable for STS Group to shift gears and begin adapting.

STS Group was founded in 2007, at the beginning of the worst economic downturn, most of us have ever experienced. In many ways this was a blessing. We had to adapt or fail and the lessons learned along the way are only taught by experiencing tough times. 

“I learned during that experience that hard times can build character and fuel ingenuity.” – Scott Couch

Because of this, we were ready to adapt and take on the challenges of COVID-19. Our Executive Leadership Team met off-site and began preparing for the impact of being forced to close our offices. We created a daily scorecard so that productivity could be monitored and began a daily “huddle” conference call with the leadership team. Through this experience, we learned our staff is even more productive working from home.

Community banks and other financial institutions will also need to adapt in this post-COVID-19 world. Need an example?

“I’ve been a financial institution security professional my entire career and until now it has been unacceptable to enter a branch with your face covered.” – Scott Couch

In this new age of social distancing and virtual banking, STS Group is leading the way to safer financial institutions. We will continue to adapt together with financial institutions with the help of branch technology and security solutions.

Post COVID-19 branch security solutions for 

Here are some technologies and solutions that will help your financial institution not only survive but THRIVE during and post Covid-19.

Mobile Video Banking Multi-channel video banking built for lending, new account opening, commercial banking and more.. Mobile, Web and In-BranchVideo Banking Solutions.

ITMs Ready to reduce the need for a tube? Interactive Teller Machines deliver a face-to-face branch teller experience to your customers via the ATM, anywhere, anytime. Easily provide remote assisted service.

Germ Shields Acrylic shields placed at the transaction area as a barrier for droplets from coughs and sneezes.  If you’ve been to the grocery store or other retail stores, you may have noticed these growing in popularity quickly.

Remote Video Turns smartphones and tablets into a mobile video surveillance and response tool. View video from any location—right in the palm of your hand.

Repurposing traditional security solutions for a post-Covid-19 world

Glass Mounted Cameras Mounted on germ shields at eyeball level and used to capture clear footage and a wide-angle.

Public View Monitors Helps make sure the public knows they’re being monitored.

Height Strip Camera A simple tool that branches have been using for years but may have left behind because of more advanced technologies.

Bait Traps Over the years branches have abandoned this simple security tool because of teller misuse. 

High Megapixel 360 Exterior Cameras Catch people’s faces in the parking lot before they put their mask on.

Hidden Cameras Consider adding a hidden camera to your FDIC placard to capture footage that could help identify a suspect based on their eye color, tattoos and other personal details.