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ATM and ITM Security

As your trusted branch security provider, we want to make sure that banks and credit unions all across the Southeast are prepared for these ATM security threats. We want to make sure you know all of the options we have available to combat these vulnerabilities.

Here are 3 security kits you should consider for your ATM:

1) Safe Reinforcement Kit

Offers extra protection specifically for the area in which your cash is located in your ATM. If you do not have this kit, criminals are able to slide a hook and chain in the safe door and rip it open with a vehicle pulling the chain.

2) ATM Jackpotting Kit

Jackpotting is a type of cyber attack on an ATM that allows criminals to access the machine’s software and hardware, causing it to dispense large amounts of cash. The term “jackpotting” comes from the fact that the ATM machine essentially becomes a slot machine, spitting out cash like hitting the jackpot in a casino.
To carry out a jackpotting attack, hackers typically use malware or a specially designed tool that can be physically connected to the ATM’s computer system. Once the system is compromised, the hackers can take control of the ATM and cause it to dispense cash, often using legitimate or stolen bank account information.

Our anti-jackpotting solution provides extra security for the top portion (hood) of your ATM machine where the CPU is located. Securing the hood of your machines ensures that no one can access the CPU and inject malware that will cause the ATM to dispense cash automatically. Most financial institutions assume they only need the area where the cash is located to be armed. As your trusted security expert, we also recommend securing the top (hood) of your machine as well.

3) Anti-Skimming

ATM skimming is a type of fraud that involves the use of a device to steal personal and financial information from ATM users. The skimming device is usually placed on the ATM card reader or the keypad, and it captures the user’s card information and PIN number. Once the information is captured, the criminals can use it to create a counterfeit card or make unauthorized purchases.

ATM manufacturers offer anti-skimming solutions at the time of purchase. However, we also offer an after-market anti-skimming solution backed by the STS customer service you’ve come to know and trust.

To learn more details about these vulnerabilities and our solutions to combat them, contact sales@stsgrp.com. We are here to help!