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3 Reasons to Monitor Security Cameras Remotely

In the past, banks relied on conventional closed-circuit television (CCTV) as their go-to surveillance system. Wired security cameras would connect to monitors, and these monitors would be watched by security officers. It was not possible for branch managers to monitor their security cameras or alarms remotely.

Now, more and more financial institutions are opting for surveillance systems that can be monitored and controlled remotely. These remote systems allow branch managers and security officers to access and control cameras and alarm systems from mobile devices and tablets while outside the branch.

Has your branch made the move to monitor security cameras remotely? If so, are you taking advantage of the benefits of monitoring your security camera and alarm system remotely? Here are three great reasons to start doing that today!

Remote access can save your financial institution money

In order for standard CCTV surveillance systems to be effective, the monitors must be constantly watched. This leaves branches with the choice to either trust current employees to watch with the monitors or pay onsite security personnel to monitor them 24/7. With remote surveillance capabilities, surveillance can be outsourced to a more cost-effective solution including offsite security companies or monitored remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

Remote access and monitoring can also help with employee theft. Know when you’re employees arrive and when they leave the building. You can be there, even when you’re not, through remote monitoring. Anytime from anywhere.

Remote access gives you freedom

Do you feel the need to be present at your financial institution as much as possible? Branch managers and executives often find themselves wearing many hats including Head of Security. You are responsible for protecting large sums of money and assets as well as protecting your employees. Danger often lurks around the corner, waiting for any vulnerability they can find.

Remote access to your financial institution monitor your security cameras remotely no matter where you are. You can access multiple security cameras and receive notifications if there are any security breaches while you’re not there night or day.

Remote Access Reduces False Alarms

When heat sensors or motion detectors trigger an alarm at a financial institution, most of the time it is a false alarm. Many in law enforcement know this and may be less likely to hastily charge toward the branch to investigate a potential security breach. The last thing a financial institution wants is to waste the precious time of our law enforcement.

With remote capabilities, alarms can trigger notifications to branch managers or security personnel to verify the potential security threat. In the case of a true emergency, the managers can alert the police and have real-time knowledge of the incident occurring.

Are you ready to make the move to remote access? It is easier than you may think to get started. STS Group is here to help you get set up! Give us a call to get started today.