Scott Couch

President & CEO

STS Group was formed out of a passion for technology and an appreciation for great customer service.

Born a technical person, by the age of 13 I was running a small bicycle repair shop in my parents backyard.

Later in life, against my parents wishes, I followed my heart and chose electronics technical school over college. It was no surprise that I graduated top of the class. Do what you love and you will be successful.

Today, STS Group is the strongest provider of physical and electronic security equipment, ATM's, and branch automation equipment in the Southeast.

Our customers count on us for Service, Trust, and Solutions. Building a culture that attracts and cultivates great, like-minded people, makes us a strong partner and resource to financial institutions across the Southeast.



   Catrina Rettie - Vice President of Finance

Catrina began her career at STS as a temporary employee. Later, when we conducted an exercise to identify our core values, we needed an employee that, if cloned, would position STS to dominate any industry and Catrina was selected as the subject. Catrina mastered every function of the accounting department before becoming VP of Finance. / 256.260.7960

   Eric Vann - Vice President of Service Operations

Eric began his career at STS as a service technician. After serving two tours of duty he came back to serve as our service manager and later VP of Service Operations. Eric has a heart for service and a mind for thinking through difficult situations. / 256.417.8650


JC Richard - Vice President of Projects and Procurement

When JC walked through the door I knew he had a place in this company. There was an obvious core value alignment. JC started his career early and became project manager at a very young age. It didn't take long for him to become our VP of Projects. His strong organizational skills and drive make him a great fit for managing the shipping and receiving department as well. / 256.341.8368


Chris Nelson - Vice President of Sales

Chris moved quickly through the STS Service Departments, first as a physical and electronic security technician and later as an ATM tech. It didn't take long for him to become the Branch Automation Manager. His drive, commitment to customer satisfaction, and product knowledge makes him a great fit for running the sales department. / 205.567.3613





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